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Estate / Foreclosure Clean Outs

Trash and junk Removal in Lafayette

Having to deal with a loss in your family is tough enough. Not to mention all the admin that comes along with an event such as this. Whilst we can appreciate this is a sensitive time for any family, unfortunately, the world stops for no one. The best thing to do is get in the professionals to help handle the task of sorting the possessions your loved one has left behind. This means all you will have to do is decide what happens to what and we will do the rest. This gives you more time to grieve and allows you to cross one more thing off your to-do-list.


What Does It Include?

As we understand that many of our clients who are put in the position of sorting out the estate of a loved one may not be thinking clearly, we have developed an all-inclusive solution to ensure no stone is left unturned. This service includes the removal of old furnitureappliances, unwanted homemade goods, and anything else you no longer feel is needed. We will handle everything whilst you concentrate on the important things. So should you ever find yourself in this unfortunate position, you now know who you can rely on. We are always ready and willing to support where we can.


How Does It Work?

Please remember that at all times we have to act within the law. We can not enter a property without the relevant documentation is in order. If we did it could expose us to serious repercussions. However, once we have been given the all-clear, our team leader will do a walk around with you to make sure we know what is going where and what needs to stay. From this point, things will begin to happen quickly. Our team will execute the job as quickly and safely as possible. This ensures we are not in your hair a second longer than we need to be.


Junk Car Removal

Many of our estate clients have an old vehicle or two that they have no clue what to do with. It may be too old to sell and not worth it to restore. This is where we can step in and be of extra assistance. As we always try to salvage as much as possible, our experts will ensure that the cars are not just removed, but that every single aspect that can be recycled, will be recycled. All this means you have one less headache to deal with during this difficult and complicated period. As you can see we have thought of everything so you don't need to.


Dumpster Rental

On a few occasions, we have received requests for estate clean-outs where the clients want to be more hands-on. This usually means they don't need our manpower but rather our equipment and guidance. This is why we have our dumpster rental service. No matter the size you need, we will off-load the dumpster, and once you have filled it up just give us a call and we will come to pick it up and empty it. It is that easy. What makes this even better is the fact that all our dumpster rates are cost-effective and designed to suit every pocket. Call Cajun Junk Busters for all your junk removal needs.

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