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Appliance and Electronics Removal

old appliance pick up in Lafayette

Believe it or not, but electronic and appliance removal has become one of the biggest sub-categories in the junk removal industry. The simple fact is that these technologies have become so affordable that everyone can now afford them. But what happens when it comes time to dispose of these items. Where does one even begin? This is where we step in. At Cajun Junk Busters we can handle any electronic junk you may have and will dispose of it responsibly. So let us take a look below to find out a little bit more about this unique service.



Many people tend to think that when one is getting rid of a fridge it is as simple as throwing it away. We can promise you it is not. One needs to remember that the gas used to cool the fridge can be extremely harmful to people and nature and needs to be disposed of safely and responsibly. The gas needs to be extracted before you can even think of dismantling the fridge. Now to ensure this is done safely, it is always best to let our professionals handle the matter. So give us a call today and we will handle the rest.


Roll Off Dumpsters

These nifty dumpsters are perfect for those clients who need some time when it comes to disposing of their electronics and appliances. It really could not be easier. You give us a call, we pop round and deliver you roller dumpster and then you begin to fill it at your own pace. Once it is full, all you need to do is pick up the phone and we will pop round to collect it and recycle what can be recycled. It is that easy. To put this to the test, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call immediately.


Large Appliances

Now many people will try to sell their second-hand appliances. Especially those larger items that can still hold some value. Sometimes, however, these appliances are worse for wear and better off on the junk heap. But how to get them out of your home. This is where our professionals at Cajun Junk Busters step in. No matter how big the appliance may be, we have the solution to remove it and get it out of your life in no time. So gather the old appliances, pick up the phone and let us take care of the rest.


What Do We Collect

This is where we begin to show off. When we started this journey we promised ourselves that no matter what, we would handle anything our clients could throw at us. This means that no matter what appliance or electrical gadget they need to get rid of, we have them covered. From TV to radios. Microwaves to mobile phones. Computers and everything in between. If it is old and you need it removed, we have the solution for you. So stop procrastinating and give us a call today. Allow us to handle your junk. No matter what it may be.

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